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Welcome To Pro Live Connect

Have you ever dreamt of meeting and interacting with your favorite athlete? Ever wondered what it would be like to have a face to face conversation with him/her? Have you ever wondered what your favorite athlete is thinking both on and off the field without the influence of the public media? 
At Pro Live Connect (PLC) we promise interaction with your favorite athlete like you have never experienced before. PLC is a social network that gives athletes and fans the ability to interact on a more personal level.  

Our website will house player profiles maintained by the players themselves. Subscribed fans will be able to view player blogs and pages allowing them to connect to the athletes in a new way. Fans will also have blogging capabilities to allow them to follow their favorite athlete’s interests and give the athletes feedback on what they are interested in hearing from them. Fans can also create profiles to state team allegiances and provide information so other fans and athletes within the same networks will have the opportunity to get to know them as well!

Before PLC, an athlete used to be just a number or a position but now you have the opportunity to make it much more personal. Give yourself a voice and sign up now to become a member of Pro Live Connect, the ONLY social network where you can have direct interaction with all your favorite athletes!